Toddler Section 1 - 2 Years

Our beautiful babies have now learned to walk, and are rambunctious Toddlers. The Toddler Section of our school is tailored specifically to cater their growing independence, keeping them safe all the while.

Our Toddlers can enjoy a wonderful, secure, shaded garden, and age-appropriate equipment. This is an ideal setting for exploring Toddlers.

In the summer months, we have water play, and, a lot of tactile play. The Toddlers have push-carts, and motorbikes, as well as slides, swings, and other fun toys. Gross motor-skills are refined through participation in the various in and outdoor activities.

In the class, we focus on vocabulary building, using rhyme, repetition, games, songs, flash-cards, and other interesting, interactive activities which the Toddlers really love. Fine motor-skills are honed through puzzle-building, hand and finger-painting, the use of peg-boards, and other age-appropriate media and equipment.

Our comprehensive service means that you do not have to provide stationery or toiletries. Parents need only supply a bag, sufficient changes of clothing and sun block.

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011 023 8821/2/3

Backup Cellphone:
071 325 0248


Office Hours:
07h00 - 18h00
Monday to Thursday
and 07h00 - 12h00
on Fridays.

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