Senior Section 3 - 5 Years (Grade 000 and 00)

The senior section is presented and managed in a manner that approximates a primary school environment. Our focus is to prepare your child for primary school, so that there is a smooth transition, from pre-school, to the more formal structures of primary school. All our senior staff are qualified teachers, or, they are currently studying their bachelor's degree in teaching.

Seniors can look forward to nutritional breakfasts and lunches, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, all the while being stimulated by interesting lessons and fun activities.

Reports are compiled and given to parents in June and November of each year. The teacher will give a presentation early on in the year, explaining the outcomes, and how they are reached.

Our Grade 00 children are given first option to enrol in our primary school, Cooper College, commencing with their formal schooling in their Grade 0 year. Our Grade 00 clients will receive notices and reminders through newsletters from the school.

Our comprehensive service means that you do not have to provide stationery or toiletries. Parents need only supply a bag, sufficient changes of clothing and sun block.

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011 023 8821/2/3

Backup Cellphone:
071 325 0248


Office Hours:
07h00 - 18h00
Monday to Thursday
and 07h00 - 12h00
on Fridays.

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