Junior Section 2 - 3 Years

The Junior Section is where the real fun starts! Separated from the Seniors, the Juniors are free to enjoy a shaded play area, and beautifully decorated, well stocked classes.

Juniors can look forward to nutritional breakfasts and lunches, mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, all the while being stimulated by interesting lessons and activities.

This age-group sees us into the much anticipated toilet-training phase. Parents and teachers alike work together at establishing this level of independence in your child's ever-growing repertoire of self-management skills. Each class is equipped with toilets and wash-basins. A routine is established with a view to getting toilet-training done in the shortest, trouble-free timeframe, as appropriate to each child.

All parents are, at this stage, invited to an orientation meeting with the teacher, so that we can share a common, developmental approach to the challenges that the Toddlers face.

Reports are compiled and given to parents in June and November of each year. The teacher will give a presentation early on in the year, explaining the outcomes, and how they are reached.

Our comprehensive service means that you do not have to provide stationery or toiletries. Parents need only supply a bag, sufficient changes of clothing and sun block.

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