Extra Curricular Activities

We have many extra-curricular activities on offer including: Karate, Computer lessons, Pottery, Play Ball, Soccer Starz, Rugga Kids, Drama, Dance Mouse, Music Box, Tumbling Tigers and Minimatics. Enrolment forms are available in the office, and all contact details for the extra-curricular facilitators are listed below, as well as in the school newsletter.

Swimming lessons are conducted once a week in one of our 3 dedicated, heated pools situated on our premises, which cuts out the need for transportation, and allows us to catch up lessons that are missed due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Lessons are conducted on a necessarily dynamic schedule by our very own PADI swimming instructors in water that is 26 degrees Celsius or warmer. Safety features include a customized perimeter fence which is kept locked when not attended by a member of staff, as well as a secure pool net. All swimming pools are heated with solar panels.

Swimming Lessons are only on offer to children who attend Magic Beings.

Activity Contact Number Contact Person
Karate 083 417 6315 Stuart
Drama 083 410 2940 Kerry
Playball 073 854 0759 Philip
Rugby 011 460 0547 Henry
Soccer 083 236 8559 Patrick
Minimatics 082 772 4763 Pippa
Swimming Lessons 011 023 8821/2/3 Magic Beings Office
Dance Mouse 082 888 7601 Tammy
Music Box 079 525 9936 Lisa
Tumbling Tigers 072 075 9564 Alex
Phyzz Ed Sportz 074 315 0203 Jody
Build Em Brix 072 895 9672 Sky

Contact Info

011 023 8821/2/3

Backup Cellphone:
071 325 0248


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