Welcome to the Wonderful World of Magic Beings! Nursery, Creche & Swimming School!

Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with Magic Beings. We hope that this brief introduction will entice you to pay us a visit, so that we can personally show you around, and help you to make the right placement decision for your child, and for your family.

Our school is family run, and owner managed. Magic Beings heads up a dedicated and dynamic staff, comprised of Assistants, Teachers, and Team Leaders.

Magic Beings' progressive nature has led to many innovations over the years - one of which saw the establishment of our very own Swimming School in 2000. This meant that parents and children no longer had to face the risks and inconvenience of transportation in order to participate in this beneficial activity. The children are well acquainted with the swimming coaches, which allows for swimming lessons to be tailored to their individual needs. The school is able to catch up on lessons missed due to unsuitable weather conditions, without moms and dads having to reschedule their busy weeks. Our PADI swimming instructors have had a lot of fun successfully assisting hundreds of children in learning to safely enjoy themselves both in and around a swimming pool.

Today, Magic Beings is comprised of the Crèche, Toddler, Junior, and Senior sections. 2005 saw the introduction of yet another initiative, when several Team Leaders were appointed to help teams of teachers and assistants with the coordination of the dynamic daily routine. Utilising a variety of learner-centred teaching strategies, 5 playgrounds, and age-appropriate equipment, each team's primary focus is to surpass your expectations through delivering on our undertaking to optimise your child's development and enjoyment during their pre-school years.

Contact Info

011 023 8821/2/3

Backup Cellphone:
071 325 0248


Office Hours:
07h00 - 18h00
Monday to Thursday
and 07h00 - 12h00
on Fridays.

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Hours and Closing Dates

Our operating times are such that they accommodate those working parents who have to deal with traffic at peak times as they commute to and from work - we therefore open from 06h30, until 18h00, Monday through Friday. We close for 20 days in December, public holidays, and, should a public holiday fall on a Tuesday or a Thursday, we also close for the respective Monday or Friday. A holiday care programme is sometimes offered at an additional daily rate over part of the December holiday period.